Personal Branding In Times Of Covid-19


In times of COVID-19 and social distancing, we can still find ways to build and grow a personal brand. Digital marketing offers many opportunities to reach your target audience. Below, you can read three ways to build your personal brand from your computer.

Social Media

Social media is a top option for many small and big businesses that want to build a brand. Growing a following and engaging with your target audience creates trust and credibility with your target audience. It’s quite easy to create a few profiles or pages on social media.

Most platforms allow you to get started with a few clicks. Then, it’s on you to publish content and have an effective strategy.

The first step is to use the platforms that you can find your customers. For some popular options, you can check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your target audience includes teenagers and young adults, you can check TikTok and Snapchat. Then, you need to create interesting or informative content and engage in social media as an active member. For faster results, you can try paid advertising to boost your posts and get more followers.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you can get ranked on the first of Google and other search engines for different keywords, you will definitely become one of the big players in your niche.

Many experts in different niches focus on SEO. There are over one thousand ranking factors from Google. SEO experts tend to publish quality content and get backlinks from authority websites. If you are interested in local SEO, you just need to target keywords that include your city or area. SEO is the primary source of traffic for most websites. It can support your social media marketing or email marketing strategy as well. This traffic is very targeted, so many people will follow you on social media and subscribe to your list. SEO is the most effective long-term strategy that you can do for your personal brand in 2020.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps your subscribers to get your news and updates. They will find you through your website or social media before you will get their email addresses. Then, the goal is to build a relationship and provide them with helpful information. You will need a landing page or an email form to collect their email addresses. It’s quite easy to add an email form on your website or add a link on social media for your landing page. Once you get an email address, you can send them emails that can include personal stories, success stories, case studies, discounts, etc.

If you do the right things and don’t spam them, you can create loyal subscribers that will read your content and buy your products or services for years. 


You can keep building your personal brand in times of COVID-19 with these three strategies. Your target audience is already on social media and search engines looking for information or products. It’s on you to reach them and get the maximum.

Written by Mirna Huhoja-Doczy

With her focus squarely on small businesses and solopreneurs, she offers paid social media advertising, SEO, email marketing, and marketing strategy services. Understanding the unique online marketing challenges that small business owners are facing, she can recommend strategies and implementations that are both effective and realistic.

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