September 20, 2022

In this role, you will be evaluating different task types to research which is better or analyzing a query and selecting the most relevant response to the query.

The Requirements:

• Fluency in English & Norwegian is essential.
• A keen interest in the internet is a must.
• Good attention to detail as all tasks will contain guidelines to follow.
• The ability to work on your own initiative and work independently is essential.
• The hours are flexible, you choose your own schedule.
• You have the opportunity to qualify for multiple task types to maximize your income.
• You can earn additional income working from the comfort of your own home.
• All guidelines and practice tasks will be in English.
• Access to a high-speed internet connection and your own laptop/desktop with the latest version of Windows, all provided at your own expense. Working on other OS or mobile devices is not supported currently.
• A Windows Live ID is essential.


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If you are unsure as to whether a job offer is legitimate, please contact us at TI_AICommunitySupport@telusinternational.com for confirmation.

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