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Are you hiring remotely
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Are you ready to be an action taker and land a remote job? Read on.

Your company is hiring remotely?

The employment environment keeps on changing at a quick pace to keep up with the needs of employees and the companies. The staff is now looking for flexible working hours and optimum work conditions, enabling them to work smarter and enjoy a more balanced work life. One way of making it a reality is by working remotely and I can help you hire top remote working talent in Europe.

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Remote Placement

I learn about your company so I have an idea on what you need and what kind of business you run before our first call. My network consists of more than 10,000 freelancer from Europe which I filter to 2-5 candidates that are perfect fit to your role.


Hire the Best Remote Professionals

Traditionally, the largest companies got a monopoly on the best people because they enticed the local talent but with hiring remotely, you can reach the best candidates too!

Few words about me


Mirna Huhoja-Dóczy

As a certified Entrepreneurship and Buisness Coach, with my focus squarely on small businesses and solopreneurs, I offer business consulting and marketing strategy services. I understand the unique challenges that small business owners are facing, and can recommend strategies and implementations that are both effective and realistic. Work Remotely - Europe is part of my quest to make finding a great remote job from Europe and hiring top remote working talent easier.



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