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September 21, 2022
A Guide for Work-From-Home Employees
According to a Gallup poll conducted last September, 45% of US employees surveyed worked from home last year either all or part of the time. The numbers have been rising...
Tip Top Jar is Reimagining How Freelancers Get Tipped Online With a Brand-New Platform
The online tip jar provides a channel for appreciation between the growing force of independent workers and their clients.
Worldwide ERC® Finds Pandemic-Driven Shifts in Employee Mobility Causing Increases in Business Travel, Assignments, and Relocations
New research from Worldwide ERC® shows global HR and corporate mobility leaders have lowered 'Work from Anywhere' expectations in favor of hybrid, office-based arrangements.
September 21, 2022
Mindspace to Open its Second Location in Poland in the Skyliner Building
Mindspace – a global operator of boutique, flex office spaces – has signed an agreement with Karimpol Polska for 4,400sqm of floor space in the 42-story Skyliner office building in Warsaw. This will be...

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